Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Boob Man

I knew I'd get your attention with that title! You'll have to read on....

Our friends Shannon and Fred have arrived from Calgary! Yippee!!! The kids and I picked them up from the airport and everyone was all smiles, hugs, and kisses.

While Skype is great, and I certainly appreciate the technology, it can sometimes feel a little like how I'd imagine a prison visit would feel. You get to see and talk to the people you care about - but no there's touching allowed! Instead of a glass wall in between, there's a computer screen and a million miles! So, let's just say that it felt really good to physically give them an actual hug!

After having only Paul and I around for the last two months, Jack and Caitlyn were very happy to have someone else to interact with. My kids are both pretty PDA (public displays of affection) kids so I wasn't surprised to see them snuggle right up to Shannon and Fred.

Caitlyn shows her love with kisses and notes while Jack shows his with chatter and cuddles. It feels great when Jack snuggles up tight but I must admit that he does have an issue with the concept of personal space.

Poor Shannon! Let's just say, Jack was quite affectionate this week. My son gave her a big hug when we picked him up from school on Thursday. Shannon was wearing a cute black top with shells all around the neck. In his "absent-minded professor" way, Jack started to non-chalantly rub the shells on Shannon's shirt - all the while talking non-stop about his day. To my embarrassment he didn't choose the shells on her back, or the shells by her shoulders - no, my son went straight for the shells on her chest! And he didn't stop there! While chattering away, he pulled the material out, took a quick peek (I guess to make sure the "girls" were indeed there), and patted the material back down. I tried desperately to steer him away from Shan's cleavage and over to give me a hug. He gave her another quick pat, told her "I like your shirt Auntie Shannon" and then came over to me. He announced that he liked my shirt too and started rubbing the beads on my chest!

Jack has always been a boob man. I remember taking him shopping with me to La Senza when he was about 3 or 4 years old. One minute he was standing beside me and the next I could hear people laughing their heads off. I turned around and just about died. There Jack was, wearing a goofy grin and a flamingo pink bra on his head. There was one cup over each of his ears and he was trying to tie the ends together under his chin. I think someone snapped a photo on their cell phone before we could escape from the store! One day, when he runs for office, there he'll be on You-Tube! So proud!

I guess it could be worse. And what guy isn't a boob man really? At least for now, Jack doesn't mind hanging around his mom and her friends. And as for Shannon - she got more than a camera kiss on Skype to remember!


  1. As they say down under, Good on ya Jack.

  2. wonderful (visual) post :) jan

  3. hahah ok Jacko i miss you so much! All of you!
    aka bre!