Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I just can't wait for.....a tonsillectomy?

Who, besides maybe Heidi Montag, looks forward to surgery? The answer: my crazy son Jack!

He has been going around the house the last 2 weeks singing "I just can't wait till Thursday!" Thursday - the day he gets his ginormous tonsils out.

His tonsils are quite literally the size of golf balls. Paul has taken to calling him the "house elf" lately, given his funny muffled voice. While it's sort of cute, I must admit that I've had trouble understanding him the last couple of months. So, I'm not sure how his teacher and classmates have been able to grasp what he's been saying - what with his "hot potato voice" and Canadian accent. Not that no one understanding him would stop Jack from talking.....

I guess maybe I would be excited too, since the poor kid has been suffering from some serious sleep apnea, snoring that rivals my Grandma Currie's (I had to wear ear muffs when I shared a room with her), and swallowing with what seems like two giant moth balls in his mouth. However, the top reasons he is excited about Thursday are the perks that come as a result. In case you can't understand him in the video, he is looking forward to getting his new Mario pillow, a Yoshi stuffy, eating ice cream, and having his favourite soup (Ichiban). I'm sure the 2 week break from school has nothing to do with his happiness - not!

While Jack is excited about tomorrow, Caitlyn is the exact opposite. Caitlyn, my little mini-worst-case scenario mom, is very worried about her little brother. As a result she has decided that it's her job to let him know just why he's delusional to be happy about it. Initially she believed that the doctors would be cutting slits on either side of his throat, and she shared this theory with Jack! Luckily, that didn't even phase him. She also heard that people who get their tonsils out often lose weight. So this past week she's been like a little Italian grandmother - trying desperately to fatten Jacko up. "Eat Jack!" she says, following him around with extra food. Yesterday she grabbed the anesthesiologist's info sheet off the counter and started reading it, and making notes! I had to take it away from her - she was making me nervous. "Mom," she shouted, "did you know they are going to make Jack unconscious? How is he supposed to breathe?" "Mom, did you read this - make sure you don't give him nurofen!" It's sweet she's so worried about her little brother, but she's scaring me!

We have been so blessed to have such happy, healthy kids. I know getting your tonsil's and adenoids out is a pretty common procedure but it will still be hard to watch them take my little baby into the operating room. But, if Jack can face this with a smile I guess I can fake one!


  1. Love this post Jenny and I wish Jack all the best and I hope the whole family spoils him rotten for 2 weeks..... lots of ice cream and jello! Be brave Jen... I know how hard this is on a mother. Thinking of you all.... with love xo

  2. good luck Jacko!! xoxo from the Daub family

  3. Adriana had her adenoids out when she was 2 - which in retrospect is a great time as your memory is very short and healing is very quick. She ate toast at the hospital, and by afternoon I was practically having to sit on her to 'keep her quiet' as the doctors ordered. The operation was a huge improvement in her sleeping and talking, so no regrets here.