Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

Our Jack turns 7 today. Seven! Seven seems so old. I know it's not - he's still at the age where he wants to live with me forever. Or at least next door.

But still, it seems like just yesterday I was out having dinner with friends for my baby shower. Even then Jack liked to do the unexpected. Thankfully, I was sitting on a separate chair and not the bench at our table - or at least, I'm sure the other girls were glad that I was! Let's just say - water breaking in a restaurant during a baby shower - it doesn't just happen in the movies!

After the excitement of his early birth, Jack has continued to amaze and entertain us. Sometimes it's how he seems to have the wisdom of one so much older. Like when Paul and Fred were trying to move our couch using our Hyundai Santa Fe. They had decided it was not going to fit. Jack looked at them, waved his hands in the air, and said "Guys, you gotta have faith!" It fit afterall.

Other times, it's how he can make us smile. You only have to read some of my previous blogs to be familiar with my many Jack stories. His cheerfulness is infectious. Who can resist his red curly mop, sliding down glasses, and constant chatter?
Admittedly, Jack can be somewhat blunt. Like when he told the bagpiper at the park how his Uncle Robb taught him (Jack) how to play the bagpipes, and how maybe Uncle Robb could give the bagpiper some lessons.

But, he is also a very sensitive and caring little boy - remember his New Year's resolution of "more hugs?"

We couldn't imagine our life without him. Happy birthday Jacko!! Bring on the hugs!! And Jack - I won't hold you to your promise to live with me forever, but I will expect you to call me at least once a week!


  1. Aw, happy birthday Jack, you sound like an awesome kid!

  2. Happy Birthday Jack! When Craig was 7 he promised that he and his wife would live with me....Thank goodness that was a phase. Hope you guys all have an awesome day today. Hugs from all of us xo

  3. Sweeter than sweet! Jacks rule!!