Monday, April 26, 2010

White Pants After Labour Day?

O.k. fashion police - I need a ruling! Growing up in North America, there was an unwritten rule about not wearing white pants/shoes after Labour Day. Well, now what am I supposed to do? Labour Day here is next week - not in September like in Canada! And even though it's fall here, the weather is still sunny and 25C.

I realize the "no white rule" is probably more a practicality in the Great White North than bad fashion sense. Who wants muddy slush stains on your white pants or shoes? My question is - does the rule still stand in a warm weather place? And if it does, when exactly can you start wearing white again? That's always confused me. When does it go from "after" Labour Day to "before" Labour Day?

I've also started thinking about whether there's really a rule anymore? Is it more a suggestion than law? Or is the whole no white after Labour Day a thing of the past - something that only our grandmothers still follow? I know my grandmother would have advised against white - in the name of decorum. The same way she thought that "nice" girls didn't wear red shoes.

Unless the fashion police set me straight I may just have to chance it. I have a pair of white Banana Republic dress pants that I love and darn it, I'm going to wear them! But don't worry Grandma Currie, no red shoes!

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