Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Round-up (Mini Memoirs)

If television shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, and the rest of them can devote a whole episode to following up on previous episodes, then I thought I can do it here too. Here's a bit of a summary of what's happened since I've posted some of my entries.

Jewellery Making
Here's one of the pieces that I completed in my 9 week silversmithing course. It's my stackable Love Faith Peace Ring. I did manage to light one of our wood stands on fire, and I couldn't go the bathroom during the three hour class due to a large toad living in the toilet, but all in all the class was a lot of fun. I've started to slowly get over my fear of working with a torch but please don't tell Paul because he'll expect me to light the BBQ now! So I've signed up for the next level to learn how to set stones - think I'll stick to cubic zirconia for a bit....

Thanksgiving Dinner
I did make the pumpkin pie - from scratch. I'll pause for the applause...... From someone who wouldn't consider making a cake from scratch, it was a bit of an undertaking! The baking process involved buying 3 pieces of pumpkin (because they didn't seem to have one whole one available), nuking the crap out of it, scooping all the gunk out, and then beating it into a puree. Unfortunately I probably should have spent a little more on the beaters I purchased for the job. The set I bought seemed to have only three speeds - fast, faster, and tornado fast speed. That meant I had pumpkin spray on the floor, the counter, the back splash, and on me. Luckily there was still some pumpkin left to make the pie. It tasted pretty darn good - Paul even said that it made one of the top 5 pies he's ever eaten. As good as the pie was - I may be willing to part with $24 next year to buy pumpkin puree at a specialty store downtown. In my opinion, as long as you cook it in the oven - it's homemade!!

Brisbane Baywatch
I'm still doing my 5:00 a.m. swimming sessions and haven't drowned yet, though I did break a finger (back stroke accident). Actually it's getting easier and I don't feel like I've swallowed half the pool. I still dread getting out of bed at that hour, but like most exercise, I do feel great afterwards. Now I just need to get my name on the board for the fastest adult woman swim time. I know for my mornings I am the fastest but sadly, I'm still slower than the swim club's 12 year old girl!

The Crocodile Hunter
Well, my Bindi costume must have worn off a bit on me. I have managed to capture 4 more geckos/lizards - abet not all successfully (one got a bit of shaken lizard syndrome) and not without some squeals! I still hate them in my house, even the baby ones. The other night there was a gecko in our bedroom. Paul wouldn't catch it for me and I only succeeded in chasing it further up the ceiling. Needless to say it was an uneasy sleep. I dreamt it landed on my face and I swallowed it by accident. I haven't seem him since - yikes!

Well, that's my blog round-up for now. Not as exciting as a Montel - who's the real father DNA followup - but I'm just a geeky girl....

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